Mountain Dew Skate Pinball

    Client: Mountain Dew Skate Pinball

    Working closely with Colenso BBDO and Automation Associates, we were heavily involved in the creation of the Skate Pinball project. We provided all of the custom software that powered the skate park, including the sensors, scoring, event runtime, big screen score board, sound effects and lighting effects.

    Automation Associates was responsible for the physical hardware installation and this was then connected to a custom system to process the data.

    We also built the custom blog website using Umbraco CMS and the event website to showcase the information about the event including location map and streaming video. The website showed the "Halo" matrix style effect shots which were captured on-site with a custom built ring of DSLRs that we also wrote the software to interact with.

    Unfortunately this website is no longer available.

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